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We understand quality service because we don't want one-off visitors; we want you to become a regular client, returning time and time again.


We are able to provide all regular maintenance treatments and also more specialised ones. We use Dermalogica and PAYOT products for face and body care.  

Excellent range of beauty treatments by the experts


Dermalogica's story began in 1986 with The International Dermal Institute and their ground-breaking decision to move away from the use of cheap, industry-standard ingredients.


They understood that some ingredients, like artificial colours and fragrances, were linked to common skin problems, so worked to develop a new type of skincare system – one that delivers results rather than ridiculous claims and excessive packaging.

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Beauty Skin Care is a science in motion.  A pioneering woman and doctor, Nadia Payot founded her beauty skincare philosophy on the movement and exercise of facial muscles.


This is specific beauty enhancing methodology.  A unique combination of movements and the most effective natural active ingredients.  Unique beauty rituals that combine scientific expertise and pleasure of the senses, to offer effectiveness, safety, and total well-being.


At the heart of the beauty care treatments, a unique massage – the 42 step massage – which eliminates toxins and activates the skin's microcirculation. This specific series of movements developed by Nadia Payot has become a true art, handed down among PAYOT Beauty Therapists for generations.


Both treatments are exclusive to beauty salons and only available from properly qualified and thoroughly trained beauty therapists.

China Glaze

China Glaze nail polishes help to create the perfectly finished manicured look.

Perfect Match

For a longer lasting polish look no further than this revolutionary hybrid nail system. The gel  paints are like a normal nail polish which is  cured with a UV lamp. A lasting high shine finish is achieved in a variety of colours or French, which can resist chipping, peeling and lifting for up to 2 weeks. The gel polish  requires soaking off, although if done regularly, infills can be provided. This fabulous new manicure system causes no damage to the natural nail. Due to the strength of the gel polish many clients notice improved nail growth as they are less likely to break as with normal nail polishes.


No matter what you're looking for, we want you to end your session with a feeling of inner and outer beauty and wellbeing. For a consultation or for advice, get in touch with us today.

A facial massage PAYOT facial massage