Achieve firmer skin that bounces back

How to achieve firmer skin that bounces back

Another day, another trend! The latest skin care trend to hit your socials is ‘jello skin’. This trend follows on from glass skin – skin that glows with an even radiance and dolphin skin – for that just out the water glistening glow.

Jello skin refers to skin that has a firmness and bounce to it – think of a baby’s plump cheeks. To achieve Jello skin, you need plenty of collagen and elastin that gives skin its firmness and ability to bounce right back. If you’re under the age of 30, you most likely have firm skin as collagen levels are still at optimum, however, not everyone has the same skin density and some of us have naturally thinner skin with more of a defined bone structure – and that’s ok!

At Dermalogica they like to focus on healthy skin for all and appreciate all skins are unique, so trying to achieve a certain ‘trend’ is not always achievable and in our opinion not necessary. That said, if you want to achieve plump skin with good bounce-ability, follow our tips for healthy firm skin.

Achieve Firmer Skin Advice

Skin that bounces Back

1. Hydration – Adequate levels of skin hydration = skin that bounces back and reflects light for added radiance. When it comes to achieving healthy skin, hydration is key. Dehydrated skin means skin can’t function at optimum and any skin challenge you have will likely be exacerbated by a lack of moisture.

Key ingredients to include in your regimen for hydrated skin are Hyaluronic Acid, available in different molecular weights which means hydration at different levels through the skin. This hydrating molecule literally plumps the skin and increases suppleness. Polyglutamic Acid is another super skin hydrator that helps saturate skin with moisture. Find both ingredients in Circular Hydration Serum along with plant-derived sugars and a blend of amino acids similar to those naturally present in the skin, this traps water on skin’s surface to help prevent future hydration evaporation.

The inclusion of Ceramides in leave-on formulas also help with skin’s bounce due to their ability to replenish the protective barrier and improve its ability to retain moisture. Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist is a moisture barrier-boosting Hyaluronic Acid and ceramide formula that helps smooth the appearance of fine lines, sealing in hydration for supple skin that bounces back from stress.

2. Boost collagen – For firmer skin, we need to focus on boosting collagen. This is the most abundant protein in the deeper layers of the skin that acts like a scaffolding. Top ingredients to support collagen production in the skin are Vitamin C, Peptides and Retinol. For skin that lacks glow, BioLumin-C Serum offers brightening and skin firming with its ultra-stable complex of Vitamin C, proven to deliver 3 X more brightening than a leading competitor. Vitamin C is a necessary component in the synthesis of collagen, applying topically ensures adequate levels for the skin to utilise.

To focus on firming the skin, especially around the age of 40 when skin has naturally begun to thin due to reduced collagen production, reach for Phyto Nature Firming Serum with Biomimetic Peptides that help the skin behave as if it were younger. This hydrating and revitalising serum doubles skin’s luminosity after just one application.

For prematurely aged skin, formulas containing Vitamin A or retinoids are a great option to reverse skin damage and improve skin tone and texture. Retinoids are considered the gold standard ingredient of skin care due to clinical data proving that

it cannot only reverse the signs of skin ageing but also prevent them by increasing skin’s collagen and elastin. For a customised approach to introducing Retinol into your regimen try Overnight Retinol Repair with Buffer Cream to help skin acclimate.

3. Protect skin – Most importantly in achieving or maintaining ‘jello skin’ is to protect it from the elements and reduce oxidative stress. Exposure to UV and pollution, smoking, stress and a poor diet are all factors that contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the skin. To maintain healthy, firm skin be sure to include formulas packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and White Tea to combat free radical attack. And your best defence against skin ageing? SPF. Wear a broad-spectrum product, that’s one that defends against both UVA and UVB rays and opt for SPF30-50 for maximum skin protection. Our top pick is Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 with antioxidant White Tea and collagen boosting Peptides along with high UV defence.

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