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Aging Skin Concerns

In recent years the term ‘anti-aging’ has become something we are all very aware of, and the quest to slow down the aging process is a topic we, as women, know all too well.

The question is, is it an achievable goal, or are we setting ourselves up for failure, unless we opt for surgical intervention?

The answer is somewhat complicated, it is impossible to reverse the aging process, therefore technically the term ’anti-aging’ is incorrect, although it is very possible to improve the appearance and quality of the skin in its current state. This is why at Dermalogica, we prefer to use the term Age Smart. Start looking after your skin today, and you will thank yourself as the years go by. Fortunately for us skin care has come such a long way, being able to target our specific skin concerns, which when we combine a healthy lifestyle with a good quality skincare regimen and products, we are well on our way to looking our best, no matter our age.

Quality skincare products are the absolute key to improving skin quality, used consistently over time. Some of our favourites in the Dermalogica Age Smart range would be:

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Skin Protection from Sun

top picks for menopausal skin

Rapid Reveal Peel – A do-at-home peel, which speeds the removal of dead cells. Starts cell-renewal which improves radiance, altogether revealing smoother, healthier skin.

Biolumin-C Serum – Packed full of Vitamin C, this super serum reduces unbalanced pigmentation, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and prevents and corrects free radical damage.

Super Rich Repair – A super-concentrated, heavy weight cream that fights dry, dehydrated and prematurely-aging skin by stimulating collagen synthesis and Hyaluronic Acid production, also helping restore elasticity.

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser – This dual action exfoliating cleanser, containing Lactic Acid, leaves the skin feeling super smooth after just one use, retexturizes skin suffering from visible aging, by accelerating cell turnover.

For specific skin care concerns, or a personalised skin care regimen, please contact the salon to set up a consultation.

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